1/ close-up photo of a white Plato statue with beard blowing transparent pink bubble gum, pale blue background --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

2/ close-up photo of a moving man, motion, fashion shot, abstract, minimalist, dark emerald, dark red, grass, classic colors, old photo noise --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

3/ landscape photo --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

4/ man in a futuristic suit, street photo --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

5/ woman underwater --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 500

6/ minimalist rock floating in air, aura, water waves, centered, 3d, calm, norwegian nature, minimalist night, fog, warm warm moonlight in the fog --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 500

7/ aerial photo of ocean that looks like marble texture --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

8/ cat photo --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

9/ a closeup of the dense, green grasses in full bloom, creating an almost velvety texture that appears to be moving gently with each breeze --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

10/ photo, low angle, angel is falling down, clouds, circular light, foggy ::3 Macro, 3d, glass organic forms, close-up ribbed plastic object, depth of field, pastel, rainbow colored border, in the style of ethereal light effects, monochromatic white figures, minimalist, shimmering metallics, gray background ::1 --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 500

11/ food photography --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300

12/ studio photo, macro --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 3417747545 --stylize 300


Simple prompts worked great.
a swimming pool, Miami --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 472 --stylize 600


closeup shot of a cuban sandwich, Miami --ar 2:3 --style raw --sref 472 --stylize 600


knolling photography of [foods] --sref [3721090848] --s 250 --c 10 --ar 2:3


A bright, minimalistic a vibrant holographic 3D x-ray Ocean jellyfish within a clean, white room --ar 16:9 --style raw --sref 3709133334 --stylize 300


many bright, minimalistic a vibrant holographic 3D x-ray face masks within a clean, white room --ar 16:9 --sref 3709133334 --stylize {100, 300}


With this trippy Midjourney sref code.

--sref 3787560512


Kauai, Hawaii, minimalistic, abstract --ar 2:3 --style raw --v 6.0 --sref s.mj.run/FO_nyYTIQXw ::2 s.mj.run/NIMvdjYCeT8 ::3 --sw 500 --s 200