low angle full length shot of a superheroine with silver light armour and high boots and long platinum blonde hair ready to fly in a devastated city in the style of Artgerm, stunning, powerful, floating hair, visible belly button, thunderstorm and lightning, stones rising up under her feet, view from her feet, intentional camera movement, visually mind-blowing, photograph taken by fujifilm XT-4, f/1.8 lens, tilt-shift lens, award-winning photography, tilt angle perspective, magic atmosphere, graceful, ethereal, feminine pose, perfect fit body, alluring, scandalous and flirty, dreamy, muse, ethereal soft lighting, hyper-detailed, beautifully color-coded, photorealistic, soft shadows, clean sharp focus, depth of field, dynamic angle, mesmerizing and dynamic composition, beautiful bokeh --ar 9:16 --s 1000 --c 10--q 2 --v 5.1 --style raw