1980s mystery film, low-angle closeup shot from below, sharp focus low-light cross-processed film still, featuring an evil-eyed French Butler with sinister intentions, sporting a black suit and grasping a candle in the hallway of a creepy Victorian mansion. The warm candle glow evokes a spooky sense of mystery, while the musty decor adds to the eerie mood. Whodunnit?:: Street style, medium-full photo shot on Agfa Vista 200 of a young French woman with long brown hair and rosy cheeks, walking, wearing a black sequin dress, red background mist, extremely misty background, misty red background atmosphere, red & orange backlit mist, misty late-night, SoHo:: 1980s spy movie, Medium closeup shot from low-angle, off-center, 35 mm film still shot on Kodachrome, a young Egyptian woman, brunette, standing in an Egyptian Art Deco Mansion with large columns made of black marble, wearing a stunning black sequin dress, inside, daytime, natural lighting, retro. She's guilty of something. --ar 3:2