long exposure light photography of a beautiful and delicate rhythmic gymnast waving a coloured ribbon and making waves with it in the air in an acrobatic movement on a competition tatami by Conrat Roset, choreography of body and colours, low angle shot, view from her feet, photograph taken by fujifilm XT-4, f/1.8 lens, tilt-shift lens, award-winning editorial photography, tilt angle perspective, graceful, ethereal, feminine and elastic pose, dreamy, muse, breathtaking beauty, spotlights, dreamlike light, smooth, hyper-detailed, beautifully color-coded, photorealistic, intense shading, clean sharp focus, depth of field F0,8, dynamic movement, dynamic composition, blurred background with cheering crowd --ar 16:9 --s 1000 --c 10 --q 2 --v 5