Breathtaking beauty underwater medium shot of a very sleepy alien human species, with features that are both familiar and strange, underscoring the diversity and wonder of the universe. Precious sunbeams reflect on the surface of the water, penetrating into the water's deeper layers and creating iridescent reflections. The subjects of the portrait are depicted in stunning detail, with each unique feature and nuance captured with stunning clarity and precision. The color palette of the photograph is carefully chosen to enhance the unique qualities of the alien species, with bold and vibrant hues that convey a sense of mystery and otherworldliness. Photograph taken by Canon EOS R3, 85mm lens, f/ 1. 8, tilt - shift lens, award - winning fashion photography, tilt angle perspective, low angle, view from below, underwater scene, opaline bubbles, shimmering ripples, heavenly soft light, hyper - detailed, beautifully color - coded, photorealistic, clean sharp focus, depth of field, dynamic